IoT Ecosystem

The venture is an industry 4.0 ecosystem, an industrial IOT with a cloud based solution. The proposal structure is focused on energy, utilities and security verticals. Integrated, scalable and disruptive, the system is delivering real time advanced monitoring solutions at global scale for massive infrastructures.


The system is based on an industrial IOT device. It’s customizable and is running cumulated functions to address agnostically data collection, processing and encryption. Data transmission function across multiple telecom technologies and the management of communication use a specialized platform.

  • Substations
  • Industrial machines and gear
  • Production lines
  • Industrial facilities
  • Support systems
  • Legacy monitoring gear


IOT ecosystem can use any commercial or private network, powered by GSM, UMTS, LTE, WIMAX, CDMA, LORA, LTE-M, NB IOT, 5G, ETH, DMR, TETRA or SAT technologies.


The platform is a telemetry specialized one, running on cloud or on premises, delivering main data aggregation, having reporting & alerting functions. It is capable to run as a stand-alone or interoperable with 3PP as middleware, front-end or primary data source. Having on top specialized business intelligence microservices, the platform covers production management, GIS, prediction and smart maintenance.

  • QoS – graphs and reports
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Incident & fraud detection
  • Users & organization management
  • Devices, circuits and clusters admin
  • 3PP systems interfacing
  • Ready for prediction, industrial ERP,
  • GIS, smart maintenance process feeds
Coming 2019 — 2020

  • Predictions
  • Market data integration
  • AI enabled


New business

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