Smart City Initiative

How can a city harness the potential of up-to-date information technologies to create and implement its vision for an urban future? This document aims to highlight these most of the time unused opportunities by showcasing a variety a different project proposals. All proposals were carefully selected in regards to their feasibility. Together they chart a course to realize potential as a city where technology fuels opportunity, inclusion, engagement, and innovation for all.

City Library - Virtual Library

Citydrop turns a city into a giant virtual library through beacons placed around the city. Residents or tourists can access for example classic literature or local art via beacons which have been placed in locations such as bus stops.

Smart City Map

Smart City Map is a multi-purpose data-hub, accessible online and on the move via a mobile-app. Beside directly submitted incident reports, it provides location-based information, tailored for different needs and powered by massive real-time data.

Buy Local

This feature visualizes supply from local nearby shops. Its purpose is to increase awareness and transaction of local products to local people, combined with details about opening hours and fitting shopping areas. This way, city dwellers have an easy and “live” overview of community supply.

Jobs Nearby

People who seek jobs in local businesses use this tool to find employers who are hiring via mobile devices. Optional Community-Profiles allow to manage offers and give insights of allover work experience and needed / preferred personal skills.

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